Training and certification

Procurement Services provides mandatory training to University personnel tasked with carrying out procurement activities for their sectors and open training to those interested in learning more about general purchasing (Purchasing 101). This training not only encourages best practices, but ensures that the University conforms to provincial laws (ex. Bill 122) as well the University’s policies, procedures and principles.

The following table specifies the workshops applicable to various procurement roles:




Decentralized and Regional Buyers


Purchasing 101, Purchasing 102 and Maintenance workshops



Purchasing 101, Purchasing 102 and Maintenance workshops

Contract Officers

 Procurement of services and Maintenance workshop

Interested Employees

Purchasing 101


Procurement of Services Workshop (half-day)

This workshop addresses the different processes to follow when a need has been identified. The following aspects will be covered during this workshop: the analysis of the process to follow, the appropriate status attribution, the supply chain, the web-based tools to help you draw contracts as well as the supporting documentation to the payment of the rendered services.

Please contact Stéphanie Desnoyers for more information.

Audience: The Chief Administrative Officers, Financial Officers, Contract Officers


Purchasing 101 workshop description (half day) – Coming soon

Have you ever made a purchase you soon regretted? Would you like to develop some purchasing techniques? Are you interested in business? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Purchasing 101: Personal Purchases is for you!

In this workshop presented by Procurement Services, we talk about the buying process by addressing:

  • The art of informed decision-making
  • The art of negotiating
  • The art of purchasing

These concepts—considered both art and artistry—are an integral part of the consumer buying process. We also take a look at general business concepts and the history of trade. We provide helpful resources and advice for today’s consumers. By reflecting on the differences between needs and wants, participants will discuss the nuances between these two elements. Finally, we compare personal and business purchases and finish off with a look at procurement at the University of Ottawa.

If you’d like to learn and understand some business basics, learn how to apply the purchasing and negotiation process or even acquire crossover skills useful in your daily life, come and participate!

Please contact Idil Hachi for more information.

Audience: Interested employees


Purchasing 102 (1 day) – To come

This workshop focuses on procurement processes at the University. The contents of the workshop include:  Policy 36 and Procedure 4-3, Responsibilities of Decentralize and Regional Buyers, the Supply chain, Web requisitions, the University's Pcard and TravelingCard (Policy 75), and CFI compliant quotes.

Please note that upon achieving certification, participants will be able to conduct procurement activities to deal on the behalf of the University of up to one year. A yearly maintenance workshop is mandatory for subsequent years.

Please contact Idil Hachi for more information

Audience: Decentralised, regional and centralised buyers


Maintenance Workshop (half day) – Customized on Demand

This workshop focuses on updates and actualization of any procurement policies or procedures. The customized content cover new policies, new processes, new tools, the supply chain, and new issues.  After this workshop, participants will be able to continue in the following year their procurement responsibilities on behalf of the University.

Please contact Idil Hachi if you require any additional information.

Audience:  Decentralised, Regional and Centralised Buyers and Contract Officers

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