Policy 36

Information videos on Policy 36 - In effect until May 7, 2023

These recordings are intended for all University members (Office 365 connection is required using uoAccess credentials). They provide an overview of the revised Policy 36, along with examples to help users gain a broad understanding of its changes.

Prerequisite: Prior to watching the videos, please read the revised Policy 36 – Procurement and related Procedure 4-3 – Procurement Standards.

There are eight video capsules:

  1. Introduction and the basics
  2. Policy application
  3. Ethical behaviour
  4. Purchasing principles
  5. Authority matrix
  6. Contracts
  7. Change orders
  8. Exemptions and special workflows, and recap
Information videos on Policy 36 - Effective on May 8, 2023

With the arrival of Workday, Procurement Services will be adopting more modern ways of working, so we have used this opportunity to tackle more foundational changes. In the first week of May 2023, a revised Policy 36 – Procurement, which has already been approved by the Board of Governors, will go into effect. In the meantime, the Procurement Services team will work with units to implement these changes, and everyone will have time to review the revised policy and participate in training.

Revised policy highlights

Below are the most significant (and flexible) changes to the policy:

  • Greater autonomy. Purchasing specialists in units will be able to approve procurement transactions (standard purchases, derogations, or transgressions) up to $100K
  • Short-term delegation. Approvers who will be temporarily absent (for example, on holiday) will be able to delegate to direct reports, colleagues, or supervisors (restrictions apply)
  • Direct invoicing. In exceptional circumstances, direct invoicing will be permitted up to $5K (restrictions apply)

Get a head start

Here are some documents you may want to review to get a head start in adjusting to the revised policy:

Note that the current version of Policy 36 (dated 2020) on the University of Ottawa’s website is still in effect. Follow it for procurement until the first week of May 2023.

A copy of the revised Procedure 4-3 – Procurement Standards will soon be available.

More to come

In light of these changes, and to ensure that employees who are involved in purchasing are well-prepared and supported, we are creating information sessions and training material.

Questions and comments

As always, if you have comments or questions, send us an email.

Ongoing support

If you have any policy-related questions, contact Procurement’s help centre for support.

Purchasing card (PCard)

The PCard workshop is for employees who are responsible for processing decentralized purchases for their units.

To take part in the workshop, employees must have an approved request for a new PCard on file. They must also have submitted a complete, signed Request for access to the Financial System form to IT – access management prior to attending the workshop.

To register for a workshop, please visit the PCard registration page on the Human Resources website.


Due to the decommissioning of SciQuest and the upcoming arrival of Workday, SciQuest training sessions (Requisitioner, Campus AP and Approver) offered by Central have ended.


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