Policy 36

At the beginning of November 2020, Procurement announced the launch of the new and improved Policy 36 – Procurement. This policy came into effect fully on January 25, 2021.

Support through the transition

Procurement has put various support mechanisms in place to help community members transition to using the revised Policy 36 – Procurement and related Procedure 4-3 – Procurement Standards.

1. Information video on Policy 36

This recording is intended for all University members (Office 365 connection is required using uoAccess credentials). It provides an overview of the revised Policy 36, along with examples to help users gain a broad understanding of its changes.

Prerequisite: Prior to watching the video, please read the revised Policy 36 and the related revised Procedure 4-3.

The presentation is divided into eight sections (video capsules):

  1. Introduction and the basics
  2. Policy application
  3. Ethical behaviour
  4. Purchasing principles
  5. Authority matrix
  6. Contracts
  7. Change orders
  8. Exemptions and special workflows, and recap

2. Workshops

A total of four workshops were offered in February 2021. They were tailored for designated buyers (also known as decentralized buyers) in faculties and services, but other employees who wished to gain a deeper and more technical understanding of the revised policy were welcome to attend. Refresher workshops will be offered in fall 2021.

    3. Ongoing support

    If you have any policy-related questions, contact Procurement’s help centre for support.

    Purchasing card (PCard)

    The PCard workshop is for employees who are responsible for processing decentralized purchases for their units.

    To take part in the workshop, employees must have an approved request for a new PCard on file. They must also have submitted a complete, signed Request for access to the Financial System form to IT – access management prior to attending the workshop.

    To register for a workshop, please visit the registration page on the Human Resources website.

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