Supplier's zone

1. Why be a University of Ottawa supplier?

  • By doing business with us, you begin a prequalification process through which you can become one of our official suppliers and partners.
  • You have access to a large market that boosts your credibility for potential business relationships with other Canadian universities.
  • You become associated with an institution founded in 1846, well known for the quality of its teaching and dedicated to training internationally renowned researchers. 

2. How does the University of Ottawa select its suppliers?

The University must promote healthy competition and obtain the best value for money. Beyond the sale of goods and services, the University also considers the possibility of forming broader partnerships with suppliers that may add value to the business relationship. For instance, the added value could be in the form of technical, technological or financial contributions to a research chair, as part of high-profile projects at the University. We welcome tenders from prequalified businesses on our list of suppliers, and we post calls for tenders on the MERX electronic tendering service when necessary. You can visit the MERX website at:

Note that, under the Agreement on Internal Trade (see exceptions in Procedure 4.3), we are required to publicly post a formal call for tenders for any contract of $100,000 or over.

3. Does my business have to do anything else?

Yes. If selected, your company must sign a Business Relation Agreement with the University of Ottawa, which can be obtained on our websiteYou thereby declare that you understand and agree to the terms, conditions and procedures of the University.

4. Do you have other advice for us for our preparation?

The University of Ottawa offers a series of policies, especially Policy 36which are handy to any of our suppliers. We present the terms, conditions and principles governing the procurement of goods and services required for the University’s operations. We greatly encourage all of our potential candidates to read the list of policies that appear in the section "Policies" below in order to better understand what it means to be a University of Ottawa supplier.

See the following link for information on how to train your employees in accessibility.


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