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Procurement Services’ Operations sector is responsible for overseeing centralized, non-research funded procurement activities at the University. In addition, Operations:

  • Ensures that all centralized procurement conforms to University policy and applicable laws.
  • Oversees the management of all tenders and contracts.
  • Acts as an internal consultant for centralized procurement.
  • In partnership with on-campus businesses, promotes best business practices.
Cheat Sheet - Centralized Purchasing

Centralized System Purchasing Cycle

cheat sheet

Required Documentation

The table below indicates the number of quotations required based on the transaction category and the maximum amount for opening a call for tenders. 


Transaction amount

Authorized person

Required documentation

$5,001 to $10,000

Regional buyer

PS procurement officer

1 written quotation

$10,001 to $50,000

Regional buyer

PS procurement officer

2 written quotations

$50,001 to $100,000

PS procurement officer

3 written quotations

> $100,000

PS procurement officer


 Please see Procedure 4.3 for more details.


Is the purchase made with research funds?

If the good or service is a Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) research project or other research project, read Section 7 of Procedure 4.3. Please consult with the Research Sector of Procurement Services regardless of the project’s cost.

Is the value of the purchase over $5,000?

YES - This is a centralized purchase, please follow the following steps:

Consult the University or CAUBO negotiated contracts.

  • Prepare an electronic requisition in FAST WebReq. A PS procurement officer generates the purchase order and sends it to the supplier. Consult Section 4 of Procedure 4.3.
  • Place the order and pay the supplier by entering the payment into Banner.

NO – This is a decentralized purchase; please see 25 to 28 of Procedure 4.3 for more detailed instructions. Please order with the purchasing card wherever possible.

Does it involve a restricted commodity?

If it involves one of the following:

  • Dangerous products: substance or product prohibited or limited by the Hazardous Products Act RSC 1985,c.H-3.
  • Radioactive and other materials.
  • Controlled products: products, materials and substances that are regulated by WHMIS legislation (e.g. compressed gas, flammable materials, etc.).

See Policy 37 for the list of items. These items require a purchase order.

Consult the Risk Management. Complete the appropriate type of form for this type of product and forward it to the Manager of Radiation and Biosafety for approval and signature.

If it involves one of the following standardized products (based on University standards):

  • Audio-visual equipment > $1,000
  • Household appliances > $500
  • Furniture, other than chairs, filing cabinets and other accessories
  • Computer equipment
  • Official University paper products and paper

See Policy 37 or Policy 87, Physical Resources Service, Computing and Communications Services (CCS).

Does it involve an item exempt from Policy 36?

If it involves an item exempt from Policy 36 (Travel expenses, book purchases, etc.) see Appendix C of Procedure 4.3.

Does it involve consulting services (consultant)?

A Consulting Services provider means a person or an entity, that under an agreement other than an employment agreement with the University (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency), provides expert or strategic advice for consideration and decision-making.  All consulting services, regardless of their value, must abide by the following procedure:

  • Mandatory request for 3 quotations
  • Mandatory contract
  • Contract must be attached to a Web requisition for purchase order
  • A copy of the contract must be sent to Procurement Services

Note: Derogations require the recommendation of Procurement Services and the approval of the President.

Does the Service provider meet all consulting services elements?

If not, he becomes a non-consulting service provider (Service provider).

 Service providers fall under four categories:

  • An incorporated company – a joint stock company, legal element to the name
  • A registered company –has a registration number
  • Professional fees – Someone with a professional designation
  • Self Employed – individual that works for himself, has an individual business (consult RC4110 for more details)

All four require the following:

$1-10,000 - 1 quotation

$10,001-50,000 - 2 quotations

$50,001-100,000 - 3 quotations

Does it involve a service provider over $5,000?

  • The appropriate number of quotation for the global amount value of the contract.
  • Mandatory contract.
  • Contract must be attached to a Web requisition for purchase order.
  • A copy of the contract must be sent to Procurement Services.

Note: Derogations require the approval of the Director of Procurement Services.

Do I pay an invoice?


Purchase value

Purchase method

Payment by


User guide

Purchase ≤ $5,000



Faculty or service payer


Accounts payable

Purchase  ≤ $5,000


Purchasing card

Reconciliation officer

FAST Pcard

Purchasing card/ PCard

Purchase > $5,000

-Electronic requisition-Purchase order

Financial officer from Financial Services (central)




Contact us

Valérie Domingue

Procurement Manager, Operations

Email: valerie.domingue@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 2961


Jean-François Brideau

Senior Procurement Officer, Operations

Email: jbrideau@uOttawa.ca 

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 7178


Carole Dessureault

Senior Procurement Officer, Operations

Email: carole.dessureault@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 6559


Alex Forest

Senior Procurement Officer, Operations

E-mail: aforest@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8863


Philippe Roy

Senior Procurement Officer, Operations

Email: proy4@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 7827


Clarisse Karangwa

Procurement Officer, Operations

Email: ckarangw@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8968


Raoul Nangfack

Procurement Officer, Operations

Email: rnangfac@uottawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800


Emma Lecko-Lochet

Buyer, Operations

Email: eleckolo@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 6549


Stéphanie Desnoyers

Contrats Manager

Email: sdesnoye@uOttawa.ca

Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 7117

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