COVID-19 – Procurement measures for vendors

Posted on Friday, August 20, 2021

The University of Ottawa constantly monitors the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapts its measures to ensure the health and safety of its community. The following information impacts explicitly our vendors. Kindly take the time to read the measures and communicate them within your organization.

We thank all our vendors for their understanding and collaboration during this difficult time.


Working on-campus

To ensure the well-being of its community, the University is only allowing vendors on campus that are performing essential work that, if interrupted, could jeopardize our operations, infrastructure, or the well-being of the uOttawa community. All other vendors must deliver their services remotely. If you are unsure if your work qualifies as essential, kindly contact the person identified on your purchase order.

All individuals on uOttawa premises must comply with the University’s vaccination regulations and complete the COVID Assessment Tool daily, prior to each visit. 

Mandatory vaccination and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Following the Public Health Ontario revised guidelines, the University of Ottawa is suspending the requirement to wear a mask and certify vaccination status to enter campus, except for the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, where masks will still be required indoors on the Alta Vista campus, including Roger Guindon Hall (RGN), 600 Peter Morand and 850 Peter Morand, given the proximity to hospitals, where masks mandates remain in effect.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the evolution of the virus and the emergence of new variants are difficult to predict.  This decision could therefore be reconsidered at any time based on public health guidelines and specialist recommendations.  That said, the University encourages full vaccination as recommended by the authorities.

Although wearing a mask is no longer be mandatory, the University invites each person to do what seems safest, and to respect the choices of others. 

It remains the responsibility of the contractors working for the University of Ottawa, to ensure that all the personnel coming on site, including the sub-contractors, comply with the University and Public Health Ontario guidelines.  For additional information, read the FAQ on the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. We thank you for contributing to the safety of our campus.

Order processing

Ordering systems remain operational and even with most support staff are working from home, they continue to support the procurement activities.

Please remain alert of any fraudsters wanting to profit from the current crisis. Kindly report any suspicious activity back to Procurement. If you receive orders from an unknown contact, pressuring you to accept an urgent phone or email order (with payment terms), email Procurement for guidance.

Mail and invoicing

While physical mail is still possible, it may not be processed as efficiently.  Vendors who already send their invoices via cXML, the SciQuest vendor portal or any other digital process must continue to do so. Vendors who are not registered to send invoices electronically via SciQuest are strongly encouraged to submit their invoices to the email address indicated on the purchase order; paper invoices may get lost and if they do, payment will be delayed.

For all other mail delivery, please contact your uOttawa customer for guidance.

Campus deliveries

We encourage all vendors to contact the person listed on their purchase order to ensure the proper reception of their goods and services. Warehousing hours may vary, so it is essential that you validate logistic requirements prior to delivery.  Any order with a formal uOttawa purchase order number shall be processed following the ordering and shipping instructions on the PO.

If no one is present to receive your goods, please instruct your carrier to take them back. No goods shall be left with unidentified individuals.

International shipments

We are in regular contact with our brokers and we continue to accept safe international items.

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