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A University of Ottawa travel card (Tcard) is a corporate VISA credit card issued by Scotiabank to University personnel who are authorized to travel. It is intended to provide travelers an economic, safe and convenient tool to carry out transactions related to business travel.

The travel card is issued by Scotiabank on behalf of the University of Ottawa and the person holding the card. It offers the cardholder the possibility to conduct transactions without affecting his/ personal funds and credit rating as no credit check is required. The bank also offers $100,000 of liability insurance, which is applicable to all cards.

Unlike the purchasing card, the cardholder must pay the balance required to Scotiabank as indicated on the monthly bank statement.

Using your travel card, you contribute to sound management of University funds. For example, the quality of information provided to us enables us to negotiate better prices from our suppliers.

Related Policies and Procedures:

Policy 21 - Reimbursement to Individuals for University Business Expenses

Procedure 16-11 - Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Policies & Procedures

To understand the responsibilities and obligations of travel card cardholders and how to use the travel card, consult the Travel Cardholder Agreement.

For the principles and rules governing the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred for University business or in connection with funds administered by the University, please consult Policy 21 as well as Procedure 16-11.


CentreSuite is Scotiabank's online transaction service. It facilitates the management of your travel card allowing you to check the status of your account, review your transactions and retrieve your monthly statement.This service is free and accessible from anywhere at any time.

An email notification is sent the first of each month telling you that your monthly statement from Scotiabank is available. Please note that the bank does not issue a statement in the absence of activity. Upon receipt of your statement, you should review it and make your payment quickly. You have a period of 28 days  to make the payment. * Interest incurred is your responsibility and are not refundable (see the Travel Cardholder Agreement).

It is important to know that you can not make a payment in CentreSuite. In order to do so, please go through your bank.

You are a first time visitor? If so, please read our guides bellow for more information:

First visit guide – Password change

User Guide


To connect:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in by using the user ID that was assigned to you when your card was activated.
  3. The password requires a minimum of 7 characters and a maximum of 25 characters, at least one lowercase, one uppercase, one numeric character, and no special characters.

Please note that after three unsuccessful attempts, your CentreSuite account will be locked. To unlock your account or to reset your password, contact the helpline at extension 1587.


The Procurement Systems Support sector analyses, approves and processes all requests related to travel cards. The final decision to issue a travel card to an employee rests with the sector's management. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend cards at any time and for any reason.

All forms are available in PDF format. Once completed with all of the required signatures, send your request by email at

Card Request

The Card request form is used to obtain a card. Sections 1-3 of the form are to be completed by the requestor while section 4 is reserved for the Procurement Systems Support sector. 

Card Cancellation

The Card cancellation form is used when an employee ends his/her position or employment with the University. As with the other forms, all sections should be completed and signed by person with approval authority.


If you find that you need further assistance, please send an email at


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