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Roles of Procurement Services
  • The University manages public funds and therefore must maintain business relationships with suppliers known both for their abilities to fulfill their contractual obligations as well as their performance, creditworthiness and reputation.
  • Procurement Services is responsible for the supply chain and is the official spokesperson of the University in any commercial transaction.
  • Procurement Services is responsible for initiating the purchasing process and managing the call for tenders processes, applying best practices. It ensures that the supply chain complies with provincial legislation and policies.
  • Procurement Services is also the primary negotiator for goods and services contracts, as well as being the sole authority responsible for issuing purchase orders over $5,000.
  • Procurement Services is responsible for acting as a consultant to conduct market analyses and research new suppliers. It conducts research on products and their market value.
  • Procurement Services is responsible for the transactional and contractual aspects of agreements, such as bid and performance bonds, insurances, etc.
  • Procurement Services strives for progress, promotion of best practices and ethical conduct in procurement with managers, regional buyers, buyers and researchers.
  • Procurement Services is also responsible for training University staff in procurement and ensuring best practices through control measures.
  • Finally, Procurement Services is responsible for managing relationships with suppliers.
Responsibilities of Procurement Services personnel involved in the procurement process
  • Director: director of Procurement Services or the director’s representative.
  • Assistant director (Research): the manager of the Research sector of Procurement Services, responsible for purchases made using the University of Ottawa’s research budgets.
  • Assistant director (Operations): the manager of the Operations sector of Procurement Services, responsible for purchases made using the University of Ottawa’s operating budgets.
  • Decentralized buyer: persons appointed by the authorities of their respective sector for delegation of decentralized purchasing responsibilities from Procurement Services. Purchases under CDN$5,000 (before taxes) are made using a purchasing card, while purchases over $5,000 and purchases of restricted products require preparation of a requisition using the FAST WebRequisition program.
  • Regional buyer: persons who have been jointly appointed by the authorities of their faculty/service and Procurement Services to purchase goods and services up to a total value limit of CDN$50,000. Regional buyers make purchases with a purchasing card or by entering requisitions in FAST WebRequisition for purchases valued at over $5,000 and restricted products. This buyer must have received prior training from Procurement Services.
  • Contracts officers: persons appointed to prepare, negotiate and sign contracts (between CDN$5,000 and $100,000) for delivery of services: professional fees, service providers or consulting.
  • Approving officers: persons authorized by the Dean or Director of their faculty/service who manage budgets and approve expenses for their sector using FAST WebReq, FAST Pcard or Banner, depending on the type of purchase. Approving officers appointed by the University are responsible for approving purchases as part of their duties and on behalf of the organization up to a fixed maximum total amount in compliance with the legislation in force at the time of the purchase.
  • Procurement officers: officers in charge of procurement belonging to the Procurement Services unit. Procurement officers are responsible for centralized purchases over CDN$5,000, verifying contracts and issuing purchase orders. Procurement officers from Procurement Services are divided among two sectors, Operations and Research.
  • Purchasing card holder: persons appointed to make purchases of goods and services valued under CDN$5,000. Such purchases must be made with the purchasing card on an electronic purchasing site or through any other commercial transaction.
Responsibilities of University of Ottawa personnel involved in the procurement process
  • Manager: dean, director or any other person who has been given authority by these persons.
  • Payer: persons appointed by the authorities of their sector who processes the payment of an invoice using the purchasing card or who enter the invoice information into Banner in compliance with the University’s policies and procedures.
  • Requestor: any person designated by the manager of a faculty or service to enter the requisitions for the operations and/or research budgets into the financial system. The requestor must first obtain a FAST WebReq account in order to make electronic purchase requisitions. However, remember that the requestor cannot generate purchase orders; this responsibility falls exclusively to the procurement officers. Note: the requestor, approval officer, decentralized buyer and manager must use only the buying entities for which they have obtained access.
  • User: a support staff member, professor, researcher or delegate who requests a designated good or service eligible for use at the University of Ottawa.

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